Make or Break: only the disqualifications stand in my way now!


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Jul 2, 2008
Ft. Sill, OK
Okay, I recently visited the AROTC department at Xavier University. This will have been my third one. I will not go into detail about the trip, only the AROTC interview as that was the highlight of the trip.

When I visited the department, I came one hour early. 9 am instead of 10pm. My grandfather was there. I sat in the enrollment officer's office and we discussed my current standing with the scholarship process. He told me everything looked good, except my report from my Michigan State interview. From my perspective, I thought the interview was decent. The Second LT that assessed me during the APFT and after the face-to-face told me I would be recommended for a scholarship. However, the report, according to Xavier, said I was in fact not recommended and was given a pretty bad report. I was hit for things such as slouching and being preceived as "only being in it for the money." The face-to-face was hard because I went straight from the last even in my APFT to the interview, and I was interviewed by an officer that did not see me for more than 10 minutes. Xavier thought that MSU graded extra harshly on the interview, but I did not think it was harsh. I was a bit suprised at the report, however. Xaiver was in disbelief because when I came into the enrollment officer's office, all of the officers present were pleased with how I appeared early, dressed nice for the occasion, looked them in the eyes and said "sir", etc. The most important thing is that they understood my past history of family troubles that I had during the time I took the first interview. That may have been a cause to any faults in my first interview. After assessing the situation, they felt I was railroaded and attempted to put another interview on paper to override the first one. On the Xavier interview I received the total possible points alloted. Unlike MSU, Xaiver counted the fact I passed my APFT as not many even pass the test when they first take it in the program. I passed it and I wasn't even in it yet.

However, everything I just described does not matter. I just received a call from the enrollment officer at Xavier and they GUARANTEED the money as long as I can get my medical issues cleared. Looking at the reports, I think they will not be an issue, but it is uncertain. My biggest problem is that I am worrying way too much about these DQs as they are the ONLY thing that stands in my way now. I think back to the waiver request I sent in, and feel that they would deny my waiver request on the grounds I did not write a detailed enough letter( all I did was mention the DQs, asked for a waiver and provided my address, name and SS#). That's how paranoid I am getting now. I also am worried because I keep thinking they will just deny the waiver request rather than request any follow ups.

I sent in another letter expounding on some points about my DQs( clean shoulder MRI and the fact I can see normally even though I was put down for having double vision). I am not sure if that will help, but it gives me some peace of mind. Right now the worst part is waiting. I sent the waiver request in two weeks ago, so I am sure by next month I will know whether or not I have the scholarship. Now everything literally rides on these DQs... If I can get the waivers, I have the scholarship.

I will be back as soon as I get anything on my waiver requests.