Marine Corps Air Station Yuma?



So I'm heading down to the Marine Air Station in Yuma in a few weeks and I was just wondering what the place was like. I checked the website out to get an idea what it's like but I've found that checking stuff out like that is useless without first hand information from people who have actually been there.

All I'm wondering is what I'm getting myself into, how the weather is during April - May, local bars, etc etc...
You're in for a treat! The only good thing about that base was that it was about a 10min drive from the border to Mexico where everyone used to go get drunk. Outside of that the place is a wasteland. It's a smaller base with lots of open desert and ranges. There's a small town there with a few bars etc but nothing really special at all. It's been a few years since I've been down there and I was only there for a short time, however I do remember that the time I spent there was pretty boring. I hope that your experience will be better than mine was.
Sounds like I'm going to have a great time. Well, thanks for getting back to me.
Do you like to explore? The desert is a great place to travel and see. The area is a place snow birds old retired couples come to spend the winters. There are a lot of water issues so I would suggest bottled water when off base.
I heard a saying while there " If God was going to give the earth an enema he would insert the tube in Yuma Arizona"
I don't know how dangerous that border crossing is into Mexico for me personally I have stopped crossing the border.
Good Luck.
O I'm not going to be stationed there, I'm going down as range safety staff for a company in my battalion that is doing training. I'm also Canadian so I will NEVER get posted there.
I was stationed there back in the 70's and liked it. If you like four-wheeling and camping (non-tactical) you can have a good time. Have some friends still down there, but Yuma has grown a LOT. STAY THE HELL AWAY from the border.

Now in April the fruit is starting come ripe in the orchards and you'll smell it before you see it..... It should be starting to get warm and most of the snowbirds will be gone by Mid-April. Compared to California, it was pro-military. First Ex-Wife was from Yuma.
Are they still bringing in the buses to the EM club? I am guessing those are the Yuma Yummies you speak of.
I would have thought in this day and age of political correctness that would have stoppped.
O I'm not going to be stationed there, I'm going down as range safety staff for a company in my battalion that is doing training. I'm also Canadian so I will NEVER get posted there.

There are NO decent (notice I didn't say good, I said decent) strip clubs in Yuma. Every stripper had either stretch marks or was still pregnant.

You have been warned.
Hey you guys said nothing happens at Yuma? Well that changed. Granted its not up there with strip club level news..but still...

The National Transportation Safety Board said an "in-flight fuselage rupture" led to the sudden descent and drop in cabin pressure aboard the Boeing 737.
Ian Gregor, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman in Los Angeles, said the pilot "made a rapid, controlled descent from 36,000 feet to 11,000 feet altitude after the incident occurred."
"It dropped pretty quick," said Reese, who provided cellphone photographs of the cabin damage.
The pictures showed a panel hanging open in a section above the plane's middle aisle, with a hole of about 6 feet long.
Julie O'Donnell, an aviation safety spokeswoman for Seattle-based Boeing Commercial
Airplanes, confirmed there was "a hole in the fuselage and a depressurization event" but declined to speculate on what caused the incident.
Reese said there was "no real panic" among the passengers, who applauded the pilot after he emerged from the cockpit following the emergency landing at Yuma Marine Corps Air Station/International Airport, some 150 miles southwest of Phoenix and about 40 minutes after takeoff from Sky Harbor.
I don't, I absolutely hate them.

You wouldn't take a Somali to a buffet and ask him to throw dollar bills at the mac and cheese, knowing that the starving bastard is only going to look at and smell the food.

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So WTF would I go to a strip club?