Master Chief Rudy Boesch - SEAL


Sep 12, 2012
I remember watching him on Season 1 of Survivor; man I thought he was going to pull it off and win. It always gives me an additional level of sadness when I read someone died of Alzheimer’s. Rest In Peace, SEAL.

From Rochester, New York, Boesch was just 17 when he dropped out of high school to join the Navy in 1945.

After working as a Underwater Demolition Team Frogman, in 1961 he was selected as one of 50 members of the original SEAL Team Two, going on to serve as a SEAL for 45 years.

Boesch served in the Vietnam War, completing two combat deployments and earning the Bronze Star for his heroism.

Survivor star Rudy Boesch dies of Alzheimer's Disease aged 91

In Memoriam - CMC (SEAL) Rudy Boesch - Soldier Systems Daily

My uncle who died in August, retired EOCS, knew him. I met him in the mid-80s but I didn't know who he was. He is a legend, a fucking stud.

RIP Master Chief.
Rest In Peace, Master Chief and thank you for your service to our nation!