SEAL Team 6 member sentenced in nude-photo case

Nah, ST6 will continue to occupy its place in JSOC. Other units have their bad apples, but NSW in general has made a production out of the "look at me" aspects, so moments like this should be in the spotlight IMO. You want good press? Better take the bad too, you reap what you sow.

Personally, I think there are really great guys in NSW but they aren't speaking up. I get the "snitches get stitches" angle, but some really good men are paying the price for a few malcontents and shit leadership. Maybe it runs deeper than I think, I don't know, but they are in the spotlight and need to figure out a better way forward. The existing business model is untenable and the Trident's cachet is rapidly diminishing.

So do they have bad apples or a bad grove?

I have a great friend, retired now, old school (25 year Navy, 22 of it SEALs, was HMCS before they went SO rating). To him it was "his do, not his who". IOW, it was his job, not his persona. I don't think he owns anything with a trident. Anywho, we talk about this, a lot. He is very candid about it being a very tight line to walk; yes, E6 and up, it's up to you to discipline your men and change the culture. On the other hand, just a smidge too much and you are branded a trouble-maker and often ostracized from the team. Plus, it's such a small community you often have a Jesus somewhere in the CoC who will directly intervene if you are punished, undermining the direct CoC. He says when he would speak up at a leadership meeting, the goat locker would come down on platoon leadership to hammered guys "too hard".

He says he's happy to be out and away from that life, especially because of all the media and spotlight.
I feel like there is more to this story. Out of all of "dirt" that has been pumped out by the media about his unit, this is what NSW is making a stance against? Maybe they wanted this guy gone for some reason. Or he's just a weirdo who has a fetish about pretending to be a female dietician to get nudes.
Or he was pretending to be another person in an official capacity as he encouraged a woman to send him nude photos.
@SpitfireV you beat me by a minute!
Was he pretending to be a real dietician that actually works at NSW, or was he creating a whole new identity? Both are wrong and fucked up but the former is even worse.
Or maybe he's a total sleezebag and has committed an offence(s). Which is what it looks like.
The whole thing could duffelblog post because it's so bizarre. He has the confidence, determination, and grit to get through all of the shit he got through and he throws it away for some titty pics? You can find naked pictures of women on the internet for free and no prison time. Don't take what I said as me defending him, it is just truly that bizarre at first thought.