Medstudent intro


May 22, 2011
Hello ShadowSpear Community,

I am currently in Medical school in California, where I am about to start my third year (finally get to learn the practical stuff). I have had the privilege to do a few rotations at the VA (more to come in the next 2 years) and through this experience I have grown to respect and admire those who haved served. While at the VA I have met some pretty interesting people and I became curious about the special forces community and I found this board. I will most likely not post much as I don't think I have much to contribute, but I will definitely lurk and read.

Thanks for the welcome all!

Welcome. Is that a PG-3?


Actually I'm considered MS-2 and in two weeks MS-3 or medical student year 3. PG-3 would be someone in Residency year 3 and I think it means post graduate year 3 which I personally can't wait to get be so I can finally be useful instead of free labor for the hospital :thumbsup:
Welcome to the site. There are frequently medical discussions on the site that are way over my head, but you may find interesting.

Best wishes with all your studies. Thank you for your interest in working with our wounded.