Interesting, Arizona brought this up some time ago. (You can't beat local intel)
The comments are amusing...Eason Wright, it's ok mate, take it easy, you'll explode.
Is very interesting to see and compare different points of views and how the media influence the thinking of people....
just crazy...
but, of course, how can you understand something that you havent see or experience by yourself....
The maras are heavily involved in transshipment and/or protection of human consignments. MS13 and M18 control many of the railyards, in fact had a big firefight over one in Chiapas at Islamapa in Tuzantan a few years back.

It's business. If the maras aren't actually doing the trafficking themselves then they are taxing the contraband (drugs, weapons, human) that passes through their zones of protection.

The Chinese Snakeheads are also heavily involved in human smuggling, moving Chinese nationals--mostly from Fujian province--through Belize (through Douglas and across the Rio Hondo into Mexico) and from there north by land to the US.

There are so many factions involved in human cargo and so many different nationalities involved it's probably inevitable that certain Muslim individuals with "terrorist potential" cross the border. (There has even been some Muslim/Christian violence in Chiapas)...but I think some of the hype is a bit overblown and that some of these purported "Muslim terrorists" are just illegal aliens who happen to be Muslim....

Y'know, Joe Sixpack Muslims as opposed to Joe Jihadist Muslims. :D
Good god, some of those comments are downright scary.

In fact, sometimes the comments on articles (and videos) are more entertaining and enlightening than the article itself.
Yup There everywhere..... WHat part Of PR YOU from JT

Probably Ponce. }:-) Seems like every Puerto Rican I've met, particularly in the MI types, claim Ponce as their home.

Let's see, there was Chago, and Angel, and Jose, and SFPR7H, and......:D