My Intro - How's It Going Folks?!


Oct 4, 2010
Well, where do I start?

I am currently 25 years old, and a college student (My main areas of focused academic interest are Atmospheric Science, Astrophysics, and Aerospace Engineering). I am not enlisted in the military, but I do have a lifetime's worth of experience with the armed forces. I was raised a Navy brat, so I've spent a lot of time on-and-around post (Including staying in the old school open-row bunk barracks). I've also had the fortunate experience of being highly acquainted with my Father's units, and on more than one occasion I was granted the unique and rare opportunity to learn about, and work with, mobile force protection assets (My Old Man was the second Commodore of IUWGRU2, and his close acquaintance was the first Commodore).

I grew up always wanting to serve my country, and I highly anticipated being a SEAL (My Father had SEALs, EOD, and Airlift Loadmasters assigned to each of his individual MIUWs, and three of the SEALs in particular were extremely close to my family. Needless to say, I greatly idolized these men as a result of such). However, I've had a medical condition since birth (CF), and so the only way I could ever enlist in the first place, is if I receive a miracle of a waiver. I haven't even dared push the issue yet, because I know the likely outcome, but I'm still holding out on the slimmest shimmer of hope that one way or another I'll be able to find myself serving this great Nation in uniform (I'm trying to finish college first, in hopes that my extra qualifications might help). I'm lucky in that I have a mild form of the illness. I've played sports my entire life, I've been on sailing expeditions, SCUBA diving, I'm a natural marksman, I've run through deep woods orienteering courses, I've been running five miles every other day without any issues (I went from being able to only run 1/4 mile, to running 5 miles non-stop, within about two months), I've been caving, I've humped heavy rucks in wet sand for miles on end, I'm adept at running whitewater, mountain climbing, cold weather/wilderness survival, I'm a strong open-water swimmer (I was on a swim team for four years), I've trained in martial arts (Albeit only for about four years lol), you name it, but all because I have to pop a few pills here and there, I'm 4F (As far as I know).

Anyhow, I've also been on-board Ohio class subs, Nimitz carriers, and various ocean going vessels, as well as a plethora of USAF aircraft (I was even fortunate enough to be down at PAX River during a V-22 test flight years ago). I also had the chance once to suit up in drop gear to get a feel for the Airborne, courtesy of a close friend and mentor who was a Ranger serving in Bosnia. Needless to say, I live and breathe this stuff, and it runs deep in my blood (My father began working Special Operations and HDUs on the West Coast in the 1950's (After he finished his WESTPAC Formosa Strait patrols during the Korean War, he also commanded EOD teams, and they were among the first individuals to set-up SOSUS (They also de-mined the West Coast)), before he progressed to the East Coast and decided to form mobile littoral based defense/reconnaissance/surveillance units. He trained and wrote the book on IUW (Along with his comrades), and his units were tearing things up in Cam Rahn Bay. My one grandfather was a 1st CAV Medic in the Philippines during WWII (Also participated in the Korean War, and the beginning of Vietnam), while my other grandfather was in the Army at the end of WWI. I also had a great grandfather who laid down comm. cables behind enemy lines in France during WWI (Lost his hair due to Mustard gas). My one uncle was a Coastie during WWII who participated in the invasions of Casablanca, Sicily, Guadalcanal, and Leyte (He lost his machine gunner on one mission, and he also drove Generals Patton and MacArthur ashore in North Africa and Leyte, respectively), my other uncle was 82nd Airborne during Vietnam (He lost his father during WWII, in Bastogne) yet another uncle was USAF in Vietnam, and one other uncle was in Italy during WWII as well). My family's military history goes as deep and far back as one can imagine, so I see it as a responsibility to carry on this tradition. The only question is whether or not I can accomplish such a feat in uniform, but regardless, I will ultimately find a way to serve in one capacity or another.

Btw, just a cool note that I always fondly recall, but two of the SEALs from my father's unit were the guys who formed the FBI's HRT. They're the ones who trained them in special tactics. They are true class acts, and one of them was even a regional FBI director during 9/11. (The third SEAL whom I mentioned, who was also very close to the two mentioned here, sadly passed away this past Spring).

The main reason I'm on this board is to continue learning more about the various aspects of the Service, and to also be able to discuss one of my true areas of interest with other like mined people (For those on here who've served as well, you have my profound respect and gratitude).

Thanks, and I look forward to being an active member (I have enough stories to fill an entire novel series with, lol)! :)

Greetings and Welcome