My Intro..


Feb 20, 2012
Well,my name is Sigsbee Thompson.I am the product of a military family tradition.Both of my parents served in the Air Force and I was raised in the spec ops community.I had trouble continuing this tradition with the unfortunate lapse in judgement that ended my hopes of becoming a member of this in the i took myself over to France and became a legionnaire etrangere in the 2nd prim...i did this for 5 yrs..and left that community of fine people and came back to the states as proud member of a fine organization as i'm sure only truly members of this community can appreciate.In saying this, I felt alone in my understanding of how the world really works ..until I viewed a video from your site and followed the link and recognized the public elite community that this is to me...Although,I was not a formally inducted member of this community.I hope that my intro is heartfelt and recognized as authenic appreciation for what this department of the military does for all Americans even though most haven't the slightest of what this is truly about...."warriors protecting the weak" ihope that this is not taken out of context but it is how I feel and am proud to be a new member of this site..
Welcome aboard Frank will be along to welcome you. The two of you may have some things in common to discuss.