My Intro

David Meade

Jun 23, 2012
Hello my brothers and thank you for allowing me to read your conversations with each other.I'm old and enjoying the great Olympic National Parks hiking trails and backpack camping. My military career was short, only 4 and a half years from 1963 to 1967. I served in the 101st Airborne at Fort Cambell from 63 to 65 then the 5th Special Forces Group RVN 66 & 67, the 3rd Special Forces Group Fort Bragg, NC for a few months until discharged in 67. I was drafted into Special Forces as a Como Sgt. And later at the end of my tour in Viet Nam invited to remain in the SF Family with the award of my "S" status resulting from combat ops in RVN with ODA's. I accepted the invitation with the intent to go for a career but my wife at that time was most persuasive in stopping me from re-upping. A decision I have regretted all my life, but God blessed me with a good career in construction which I pursued until the housing crash in 2008. That forced me into retirement and I have been very happy in Washington state with my wife, retired and at peace. Again I thank you for allowing me here, I will try not to be an irritating old used to be. God bless you all and keep you while you serve and protect us here at home.
Respectfully your brother in arms,
Thank you for your warm welcome, I look forward to your views and opinions on the current events effecting us all. Yes, I am a life member of the Special Forces Association, M-9369 Life.
I actually have been assigned to Chapter XVI, just haven't attended any meetings or events. If you attend please keep me posted on the next meeting, where, and how to get there from Port Angeles. I am from Southern California, been in Port Angeles for three years and I'm never going back, I will be planted here. Thank you for the heads up.