My intro


Jan 20, 2020
Camp Lejeune
What’s up guys I’m in the Corps on my second enlistment heading to recruiting, now for the story of why I’m here. I was training for marsoc after my deployment but I had to retake the asvab, I finally got a seat at a computer and (after a letter that took months to route up the chain and come back down) I only had one shot due to my Eas coming up for the JAN class so long story short I retook it got a 103 gt my previous score was 102 lol, So there is no way I could have made the second class date. It sucks I started so late on the process but it is what it is on to other things. I’m giving the Corps 4 more years (couldn’t see myself letting go of my MARPAT just yet) then going either SF or Ranger I’m here to talk to those individuals who are in those communities to get the insight of which is for me I also saw a post awhile ago of a Marine in the same position as me just a bit further ahead in his career.
My English is not well so I’m pretty sure my grammar sucked don’t Judge lol


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