My Introduction on my path to SF


Apr 8, 2020
21 years old and recently started the process of clearing my criminal record and training for a 18x contract.
Been wanting to join the military my whole life and felt like I belonged, growing up watching only war movies and fascinated by history.
Went through my highschool JROTC program and excelled very well, I was Drill Team commander, got trophies for orienteering and PT, had straight A's and it was a great time and solidified my love for the military. But then I dropped out of the program after 2 years (stayed in school) due to a messed up home life and social influences growing up in Chicago Illinois.

Father was not in my life and the best thing I had to a father figure was my uncle who is now an officer in the Army. Biggest influence on my life and the only man who was there for me in my childhood.

Been 4 years since I graduated highschool and stuck in the motions of life. Racked up a couple misdemeanors. Learned too many lessons.
Been on the verge of enlisting but life kept holding me back and I felt stuck in my world and the people around me.
I tried to join the national guard because I had a girlfriend a girlfriend at the time I thought I would marry and I tried getting my life together after a couple years but i stopped the process because another life situation (that I wont go into detail publicly) came up.

Now I'm here. I heard about the 18x Contract after talking to an army recruiter and trying to enlist on a ranger contract. and it feels so right. There's a fire in my heart and I never felt like this before. Like everything that life and my experiences has put me through mentally and physically prepared me to be a special forces operator.

My original path was to join as the army and do the best I can to be a ranger and prove to the Army that I'm capable of being a useful special forces operator.
After hearing about the 18x contract and reading online. I have the heart and the gut to go through it. I know its meant for me even if Ifail and it takes me the next 10 years of me life to achieve it.

I am not psychically prepared at all at this moment. But between now and the time it takes for me to get that clearance and get that contract, there's nothing else that's stopping me. My brain tells me to get a Option 40 contract and then try for SF but my hear tells me to get an 18x contract I know I won quit I'm just scared of being injured. I can push through broken bones but what if something outside of my control stops me from completing the course?
I know I won quit I'm just scared of being injured. I can push through broken bones but what if something outside of my control stops me from completing the course?

Fellow new guy here, I'm in the process of applying to obtain a Rep 63 contract with the ARNG. I know I have done exactly nothing, I'm non-prior service, and I'm still in the enlistment process, and I don't even have a contract to sign yet. So take anything I say with a grain of salt, I only speak from my own experience, and observation of others who've actually been there and done things. But... My dad is an Airborne Ranger from the 25th Infantry Division, and he told me "The two most important things for an Infantryman are #1 his feet, and #2 his weapon. I agree. He didn't say what #3 is, but if anyone asked me I would say their mind. We will either master our mind, or our mind will master us. Focus on what you can control. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance, which means ramping up your physical training gradually but surely, getting adequate rest, and nutrition, this will somewhat injury-proof your body by strengthen your bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Your brain is pretty smart, if you are worried about getting injured, you probably should be, chances are your brain is trying to tell you something. It might be a good idea to do some agility and mobility training, but honestly any SF Prep Exercise Program should be more than enough. And always watch where you're going and don't let go at the wrong time. A good way to work on grip strength is to use a really thick pullup/chinup bar, mine is probably 3 inches thick. I'm mostly like a Gorilla, and soon, God willing, I'll be a Guerrilla. Just keep up your momentum and you'll be fine.

Real quick, I've tried pushing through broken bones, and it doesn't work. I'm guessing if you don't step in a hole or off a cliff you'll be fine.

Last but not least, I'll leave you with my favorite line from the movie Road House with Patrick Swayze, "Pain don't hurt." Then watch him get the first staple. :ROFLMAO:

See yourself getting through all your training safely and successfully, and then go do it.

All the best,


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