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Aug 14, 2007
Nokia is working with Cambridge University on a phone project involving nanotechnology. Nanotechnology would enable flexible and stretchable phones that would enable users to shape and adapt them as they see fit.

Thin as a credit card, yet flexible and durable as silicone rubber (such as the material used in spatulas and doorstops), the new technology will mean mobile communications devices that can be dropped, immersed in water, and even worn on the wrist like a bracelet.

Nokia explained that this will revolutionize the phone industries – flexibility, transparent electronics and self-cleaning display, all of them attest to that. There are rumors circulating that we might actually see something like this in 2009.
I wonder what the battery life is like. It seems like a radical concept with applications that are farther reaching than merely fashion accessories.
If they incorporate some sort of inertia activated power source, allowing it to be self sufficient and no need for battery replacement; it would be an excellent idea for use. The hard part would be adding any sort of secure technology onto it, making it actually useful in our world.
Here is one of their demo videos using concept art, not the actual technology... yet.


What I'm really interested in is the future medical applications for nanotechnology that are being developed, still decades away from application.
I am just beginning to imagine the concept applied to military technology....

The future will hold some awesome leaps and bounds...

No more PRC-77 'brick' batteries...

/Back when I was in the Army, it was hard..... / :D
I would put my money on Biotech Romeo
I have two kids going to college this year. After I survive that, Biotech is where I'm investing my extra money.

Nanotechnology is the potential cure for almost all diseases... well, not a cure per se, but definitely a prevention.

It's the year 2030... or possibly sooner.
Nanobots with a full medical library in their database are programmed to repair the human body from within. Several hundred fit floating in plasma in a single syringe. An adult male or female is injected with the nanobots. Over the next few months the nanobots do what they are programmed to.
Repair damaged and decaying tissue
Unclog arteries.
Clean the crap from the alveoli in the lungs
Physicaly remove infections from the body
Physicaly remove cancer cells before they can grow

That adult with nanobots in his/her system will now be in perfect health.
Cleaner lungs and blood passage ways than ever before.
Not even a sniffle of a cold.
...and no natural decay of aging.

They can be programmed to repair failing or improperly functioning organs and glands.

You want to exercise and diet?
Preprogrammed nanobots can safely boost your metabolism and physically stimulate muscle growth, tearing and repairing as though you were working out in a gym ten hours a day.
They can also be programmed to restrict the build up of fat and slowly assist in the physical removal of fat from your body, piece by piece moving it to your excretory system.

The technology to design these machines to do these jobs is already here
... but the machines would be the size of automobiles.
The technology to make these machines nanobots is already being worked on and will happen in the next few decades.

Imagine being 100 years old with the physical health and appearance of a 21-year-old.

Overpopulation and food shortages not withstanding... the future of nanotechnology in medicine could allow lifespans to be measured in centuries, not years.
but, but... my flipflops would make a great shoe phone.

There's also the self-defense applications that a flip-flop affords its user!:D
B5R, that was an excellent description, something to really look forward to!

But after visiting four different doctors in a week and having to spend 15 mins. each to fill out four different sets forms, I'd be happy if they could update technology to eliminated the need to do that - like a thumb drive that you could give the receptionist and they could take the info they need from it.