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Nov 19, 2008
Hello everyone,

As posted in my intro, I've gone through a lot trying to get into the military. A quick summary; I spent years preparing for the Army Rangers; mentors and all. I signed up and left high school early with a diploma. I was "generally" discharged at the end of infantry school for mild scoliosis under medical conditions. After that, there was a brutal 2+ year reenlistment process to attain a special operations contract for ANY branch. After taking the PST for months, passing the CSORT with a band score of 4, among many other things, the medical paperwork wouldn't go through and I ended up signing up as an IT. I was basically told it'd be "easier on active duty" to get into special warfare than as a civilian, given my circumstances.

Well, after all was said and done, processing in Great Lakes by BUD/S PREP did not fulfill my desires. I met a senior chief SEAL while there who tried to help, but he cannot override administrative medical burdens that I am plagued with.

Currently, I'm stationed in Hawaii at a shore command. I've built an excellent record since being here, and my PT scores are going up. Though lately, I have been under the impression I was not able to get into special operations, so I've been pursuing an officer package and focusing on academics. However, PTS is threatening all of this, including reenlistment. Additionally, PTS is also offering me the opportunity to reenlist with a special operations contract if my job is overmanned, but I want to get more information on getting medical waivers before-hand.
Have you contacted anyone at BUMED or the BUD/S Medical Department to find out if the condition is waiverable or not?
Concur with the above. Unfortunately, this isn't a "simple" issue like we've seen before (color blindness for example).

The good news, is that as an IT on active duty you should be able to do some digging on official sites and find the contacts listed above.

If all else fails and SEAL/ SWCC/ EOD isn't possible, pay your dues and go over as an enabler. Don't discount it, work towards your goal, but just know that the opportunities exist.

Good luck.
You're shopping this sob story all over the internet and I know you've been given the same advice: if you're DQ'd from the warrior route, focus on being a solid performing IT, and go support. The Teams need good ITs and if you have the right quals or can get them (Tactical Info Ops), you can go where they go in a direct support role.

Have you thought about cross-rating to CTN or CTR and then going TIO/TAC-EW route (you should be able to do this even as an IT)? Don't quit until you get a denied 1306.

That should sound eerily f'ing familar shipmate.


CDG - Not personally, no. I was not aware I had the ability to contact these groups. When I go back to work I will dig into this via email or phone, whichever is best.

Freefalling - I haven't let go of those ideas either, I'm always pushing for something. Being junior enlisted at a first command as a body for an agency that doesn't like to spend money, it's hard to get extra duties.

lindy - This story has been evolving on those sites for years. I would not intend for it to look like a sob so much as an honest prod for solid information in adverse circumstances. The REASON I'm posting, is because I have NOT been permanently disqualified from any of the warrior routes. As a matter of fact, the first 3 lines of information you provided to me are BRAND NEW information, most of what I receive is broad. As I said before, I'm simply trying to tap into additional resources, it seems counter-productive to ask of motivation from junior enlisted then find so many faults in the process.

I HAVE thought about cross-rating based on PTS, but DIRECTLY into SPECWAR if possible. It's also dependent on how overmanned or undermanned CTN / CTR is. I need to go back to ADMIN.
Dude, you need to have a no shit talk with your CC. It's their job to keep you in the Navy and try to get what you want. It's YOUR career so take charge. CT ratings are NEVER overmanned just like SO.

I assume you're at Kunia? Find out the location of SDVT ONE at Pearl and actually go talk to a doc there. They will give you a no BS answer about any waivers necessary.
lindy - The CC has provided me with information about PTS if my cross-rate package is accepted, and the CT ratings according to the list she printed me DO appear to be transferable, and additionally are under my top 8 selection based on ASVAB. But says that there isn't much else they can do outside of that. If I'm STA-21 package goes through, then of course all of the PTS issues are overridden for now.

I am not at Kunia, I'm at the Joint Intel command. I'll be going over next week to SDV team 1 to speak with their medical after getting back with my command.

Thanks for the straightforward informative responses.
Roger, again thanks for the information. I don't see why the medical doc SDV team thing was never brought up to me by the dozens of people I've asked. I'll post back if anything comes up.
Roger, again thanks for the information. I don't see why the medical doc SDV team thing was never brought up to me by the dozens of people I've asked. I'll post back if anything comes up.

Never underestimate the value of doing your own research as opposed to taking someone's word for it. Good luck.
Armed with the proper information, I was able to quickly get things moving. I scheduled a dive physical, which was this morning, and finished it. I provided all the information I've saved over the years and the doctor seemed optimistic. Everything is being submitted to BUMED on Thursday, and after that it's a waiting game. If it comes back good - I can submit my BUD/s package.

Thanks a lot for the input everyone.

Hah. I'm not sure if you mean I'm the low quality pig, or if you meant they were asking me questions like I was. The waiver has been approved on the interim level, and the medical personnel said there's a 99% chance that it will be approved by BUMED - the only thing that limits that is if something else came up on the law record, which it won't. Thanks again for the assistance.
I was stationed in MD and needed a flight physical so they sent me to the Academy in Annapolis. I was 23 and got examined by a hot blonde O-3 doc who proceed to check my prostrate. She and a SF doc were the only two to ever check. BTW, SF guys have HUGE fingers.
Hah! Then in that case, no. I think everything was squared away.

I went in for routine .... "testing" though recently and was examined by an O-3 of similar nature. No prostate exams yet, unfortunately.

I'd like to provide an update to this post for anyone searching the internet who comes into similar circumstances. My waiver was approved by "big Navy" BUPERS. I am currently in my PTS window / orders window, without PTS approval, and as such cannot put in my BUD/S package until I get to my next command. However, the waiver is indefinite, barring any other significant issues. It's been 6 years of pushing but the light is near.

Make sure whenever you submit a waiver for any SOF programs that you know who your PERS rep is (CCC, detailers, admin, someone). They, not necessarily your medical facility, will have access to your medical waiver. Try to get physical copies because it seems like these papers bounce all over the country and get lost - as usual.