Navy SEAL Surgical Shooting


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Aug 14, 2007
Includes a segment on hostage rescue from the recent pirate incident at sea and timing the "break" of the trigger, to coordinate shots on a 3-man team.

Nice vid, I'm sure eye fatigue was rearing it's big, hideous, cranium as well. Well done again SeAL's
Nice, would love to have seen the real vid on them taking the pirates down. Windy, if they were on the stern of the ship most likely the ship was corkscrewing a little to alot depending on the wave action and the other boat up and down. WOW, awsome shooting SEALS.
SEALs always have serious gun porn... so jealous.

Yeah they do. I worked next door and shared the range with them on Dam Neck and they used to let us touch and feel their gun porn, never shoot it, just drool.

Not to hijack..... but speaking of Dam Neck, and command firing,,, below is a link to some video footage on command firing from my days working with the DM's on Dam Neck.

"This video contains content from National Geographic, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Anyone know if this video is hosted anywhere else?
What yard line is that on Wookie? Looks pretty close to the beach. Oh Dam Neck, god I miss that place. DM school was the best time I've had in the Marine Corps.
Damn boy's, I coulda made that shot with a .22lr Marlin bolt rifle without NODS. :p

Runs and hides from our SEAL element. :cool:
Headshot less than 40 yards away... If that's surgical, then 90% of basic training graduates are also "surgeons". No doubt it was cool, and I'm sure the SEALs who did it are some studs- but it wasn't anything any sniper school graduate couldn't have done.