Need Mi-17 Pilots for Afghan CNTPO program


Jan 10, 2010
I wanted to post a quick FYI and see what I could round up here in a short time. We (IPA) have a need for 2-3 Mi-17 qualified pilots on our Afghan Air Interdiction Unit program located in Kabul. Only two requirements are Mi-17 qual (doesn't have to be current as you'll qual in country) and Instructor Pilot certified. The pay is extremely well and its a great company who takes care of their employees. Most employees are former SOF guys so its a real pleasure to work with professionals.

The PD should be going up on our website ( any day now but thought I'd get it out to you all first. Feel free to PM me and I'll provide direct email comms and can expedite the process for qualified guys. Base pay starts around $241k and pays more based off experience. Standard 90/30 rotations and paid vacation time as well.

Thanks guys!
I know a few guys flying MIs now. I'll hit them when I see them in Balad.