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Feb 8, 2007
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A very cool new recruiting video, below is just the transcript but if you go to the link embedded in the story title; the video is on their page.

Introducing the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) Video


Video length: 3:04
An animated image of a stone wall appears and material crumbles away to reveal the badge of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command; a vertical dagger beneath a royal crown with the latin motto viam inveniemus which means we will find a way.
The screen fades to black and the words Canadian Special Operations Forces Command appear and then fade away.
A gloved hand appears and is flipping switches on the instrument panel of a helicopter.
Six special operations soldiers are then show in full military equipment from behind as they walk across the tarmac of an airfield heading towards three CH-146 Griffon helicopters in the distance. The soldiers wear the unique equipment such as helmets and vests used by special operations forces.
The same soldiers are seen approaching one helicopter from the perspective of the pilot inside as the rotors of the helicopter turn overhead.
The helicopter then lifts off the ground, turns to the left and begins to move quickly forward at low altitude, it passes by a blue hangar with the badge of 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron visible.
Aerial images of two helicopters flying in close formation at low altitude are shown, three special operations soldiers sit in each open door on both sides of the helicopters with their feet resting on the skids as the helicopters race over rivers and fields at low altitude.
The crew of the helicopter is shown while piloting the aircraft, their helmets and visors conceal their faces.
The special operations soldiers prepare to rappel from the helicopter as it moves along, ropes are shown fastened to the floor of the helicopter as the soldiers stand on the skids their backs facing outward and prepare to jump from the helicopter and slide down the rope.
The helicopter flares over the roof of a building and the rappel master seated in the helicopter waves his arms signaling the soldiers to jump from the helicopter and rappel to the rooftop below.
Several clips of the soldiers rappelling to the rooftop are shown from various angles, below and above and also from a camera mounted to the helmet of the soldiers as they slide down the ropes.
The soldiers descend to the rooftop, unclip from the rope, drop to one knee and raise their weapons as the helicopter flies away.
The soldiers then move quickly towards a door on the rooftop as the helicopter flies away, their weapons raised and ready for action.
The next scene is of a C130-J Hercules transport aircraft flying at high altitude against a blue sky over a desert area.
The next shot shows a soldier from behind jumping off of the open ramp of the Hercules airplane with a parachute on his back, a rucksack between his legs and a rifle strapped tightly to his side. Multiple angles of the parachutist leaving the aircraft are shown.
The soldier free-falls towards the desert below and then opens his parachute and checks his altimeter. Other parachutes are shown descending towards the desert floor.
The soldier lands on his two feet and wrestles his open parachute to the ground while the wind blows dust by him.
Several soldiers are shown kneeling in the desert packing up their parachutes. The soldiers then move on foot across the desert scanning the horizon for enemy, their weapons ready for action.
A sniper is shown with a muzzle on his rifle as he covers the movement of the soldiers. The soldiers enter a narrow valley and run through it looking for the enemy as they go.
The scene changes to the view from a helicopter of two small rigid-hull inflatable boats racing across the ocean at high speed.
The scene changes to inside the boat as a soldier rolls over the side of the boat into the water with his rifle while the boat travels at high speed.
Bubbles are shown under water and when they clear soldiers wearing scuba gear and holding rifles are shown as they swim underwater. A small submersible carrying two solders travels below the surface. Soldiers are shown emerging from the water with their weapons as they approach a beach.
The scene changes to three small boats racing across the ocean toward a ship at high speed with a helicopter overhead.
A soldier is then shown as he fires a machine gun from the front of the boat towards a beach. The scene changes to night time and a soldier is shown firing tracer bullets from a machine gun in a boat.
The scene changes back to the roof top where the soldiers were dropped from the helicopter, the soldiers are shown running through the door and moving through the building with their weapons raised as they search for the enemy.
The view from another helicopter is shown overtop of the same building as a heavy thick rope is dropped from the helicopter. A soldier climbs onto the rope and slides down to the rooftop.
A thin rope is seen over the edge of the building as two soldiers dressed in chemical biological and radiological protective suits and gas masks rappel down the rope to a lower rooftop. They raise their weapons and move towards another solder when he signals them to come towards him.
The two soldiers in protective equipment and gas masks enter the building with their weapons raised and find an improvised chemical explosive device. They scan the device with a detector and study it in preparation to disarm it.
The scene changes to a soldier climbing aboard a military jeep with a heavy machine gun on top. The soldier sits in the turret as the vehicle drives across country. The heavy machine gun is then fired three times towards an unseen enemy.
The scene then changes to special operations soldiers dressed in white as they race across an arctic landscape at high speed on white snowmobiles.
The scene then changes to soldiers skiing with heavy packs on their back and pulling a toboggan full of equipment across the same arctic landscape.
The scene changes to a collage of short clips in different settings: a helicopter passes overhead, a small boat full of heavily armed special operations soldiers races across the ocean, armed scuba divers emerge from underwater and shoot their weapons as they approach a beach, a machine gun is fired from a boat.
A shotgun is then shown as it shoots the lock off of a door. Special operations soldiers rush through the door to free a hostage held by terrorists, they fire their weapons toward the camera as the screen fades to black. The words “we will find a way” appear on the screen.
The words Canadian Special Operations Forces Command appear on the screen beneath a spinning animated globe with a light around it and a dagger. The CANSOFCOM website address appears at the bottom of the screen
The screen then changes to the Canadian Armed Forces badge consisting of the crossed swords, Air Force eagle and the Navy anchor surrounded by Maple Leafs. The words “The Department of National Defence and The Canadian Forces” appear at the bottom of the screen.
The Canada word mark and copyright information appear and the video ends.


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Jun 19, 2007
rock garden
Great video/recruiting tool. Definitely not the standard format from the Dept Nat'l Defense.:thumbsup:


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Jul 25, 2009
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No point in creating a new thread for this. Here's an article related to the new video. Canada’s Special Forces soldiers give rare peek into their world in slick new video

Fixed it for you.

OTTAWA—Lights, action, weapons free.

Canada’s special operations forces soldiers have produced a slick video showcasing their fighting skills — on water, in the air and room-by-room in the close confines of a building.

At a time when special forces soldiers are in the limelight with movies like Zero Dark Thirty, which tells the tale of the U.S. hunt for Osama bin Laden, the video gives a brief window into Canada’s cadre of shadow warriors.

The three-minute video begins showing six soldiers climbing aboard a Griffon helicopter, flying low, and then rappelling to a rooftop. It goes on to highlight soldiers parachuting from a C-130J Hercules transport at high altitude, speeding along the water in rigid-hull inflatable boats, and driving in what appear to be specially equipped Humvees.

The video offers a glimpse of several of the units that comprise the special operations forces unit, including the air wing and the soldiers schooled in dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents.

In one section of the video, soldiers wearing protective suits and gas masks enter a building to inspect an explosive device.

It’s a rare public display for the soldiers who serve with Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. A version of the video was previewed for reporters last August as Joint Task Force 2 soldiers – Canada’s upper tier special forces soldiers – put on a display of their skills during an exercise near Churchill, MB.

It has taken the ensuring months to get the necessary approvals from senior commanders to put the video on public display and prepare it for the website.

Special operations command has more than 1,500 personnel and a budget of about $135 million. Its frontline fighters include JTF 2 – the upper tier squad – and a special operations regiment.


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May 8, 2009
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im loling at the transcript of the video
"Soldier turns left and fires three rounds at dummy target"
"Second soldier jumps over table"


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Jul 25, 2009
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Someone took some stills from the vid. Sharing 'em with you folks.