New Hizballah Tactics Employed


Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007
Ramping up firepower, a quantum leap forward, and an increase in the threat level posed by one of most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.

Hizballah has marked the conclusion of the prisoner exchange with Israel by launching new tactics consisting of anti-air missile ambushes against Israeli Air Force flights over Lebanon and anti-ship missiles against Israel naval craft cruising off its shores.

The next day, the Lebanese army said Israeli warplanes violated Lebanese airspace in the south, Beirut, Jounieh and Dahr al-Baidar on Wednesday and early Thursday.

Israeli warships were deployed in Lebanese territorial waters from Naqoura to Tyre.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Hizballah has taken charge of the missile campaign while handing the Lebanese national army the task of attacking Israeli outposts at the Shaaba Farms enclave and the Mt. Dov slopes of the Hermon range.

It was clear Wednesday, July 16, that Hizballah was now calling the shots in Beirut when the president and government were forced to honor the spectacular heroes’ welcome the Shiite group organized for the five imprisoned terrorists released by Israel.

President Michel Sleiman, former chief of staff, obediently repeated his demand of the day before for Israel to evacuate its troops from the two outposts. If diplomatic efforts failed to remove them, he said, then the Lebanese army must go into action.
Our military sources add that anti-air missiles and radar equipment have been installed on the Mt. Sannine peak in central Lebanon in the last few days, as DEBKAfile first revealed (in a report picked up by the world media).

From that strategic height, Hizballah is preparing to shoot down encroaching Israel flights after taking instruction from Iranian intelligence and air defense officers in tactics on how to lay missile ambushes for aerial targets.

With the help of Iranian and Syrian military experts, Hizballah has ranged the length of the Lebanese coast a dense line of 1,000 Iranian C-802 anti-ship missiles, which have a range of 120 km. Skimming 6-7 meters above the water’s surface, these missiles have certain cruise features and are extremely hard to target.

The coastal missile deployment has been boosted by new radar stations and light reconnaissance planes and helicopters for tracking the naval craft cruising opposite the Lebanese coast. The thousands of Hizballah militiamen manning the system were trained in Iran and Syria.
Israel should retaliate by mass bombings of Iranian weapon/ munitions production plants along with known stock weapon/ stock piled munitions areas. Drastically limiting Iran’s ability to produce and distribute more weapons/ munitions.

Then they should launch large-scale bombings of Beirut and military targets in Iran (suspected NBC facilities). Pushing the initiative of Iran, Lebanon and Hizballah to deal with massive destruction and reduction in weapons/ munitions. This would cause both countries to focus on relief efforts in their own countries, other then military response (all though it will be a top of the list).

Then launch a large-scale invasion of Lebanon and Hizballah strong holds, seizing military targets. Causing massive disruption of their military response capabilities, along with bringing the fight in their borders. After taking massive military targets areas, turn towards the Lebanon and Iranian government targets. Eliminating government facilities along with key leaders with in both governments.

Israel should retreat back to its borders and create a military buffer zone of 20 miles, of seized land from Lebanon. Anything enters it and gets destroyed… Cut off major exports and import goods. Limit what types of goods that are aloud out and in Lebanon, along with controlling the population flow. Keeping the turds in there starving.

Next they should create a return fire policy, which says, “If you throw a rock, we will throw a grenade”. If you shoot a rocket, we will drop a 1000 lbs bomb indiscriminately against economic/ government targets.

Israel should maintain this disorder of Lebanon for a full 2 years only allowing the condition to improve as attacks stop completely.

I know it would never happen, and the world would jump all over Israel. However, it would be a good eye opener to that part of the world. Of how bad things can be, if you continue to fuck with Israel…