New home defense rounds????


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Sep 10, 2006
West Coast
I went to the range last Friday and was talking to one of the range control guys, old hillbilly guy but absolutely hilarious. I spent half the time just trying to understand him so I didn't get everything he said but he was talking about a 'new or newer' kind of round that when fired at a person it will enter and sprawl. But if it hits, say something like a 2X4 in a wall, it will not go through it, it stops. So you don't shoot your neighbor/family while they are sleeping. Has anyone heard of anything like that?? It got me a little curious and I decided to check it out. A while back I heard of FAMs using something similar to these "special rounds" but I found out that wasn't the case. It just peaked my curiosity.
Hmmp, interesting. Sounds right. Thanks for the link. Now that I have an idea what they are called, Ill look for dope on them.
Kinda, almost sounds like a Hatton round, though it was designed to shoot hinges/locks etc... :2c:
I did some research and came to the conclusion that, personally, I dont think they would be worth it. The FBI did their ballistic tests and said, in the event that you completly miss what you are shooting at, the round hits drywall, lethality is is actually increased.
It might sound good and it might look good but when it comes down to it, you are probably better off just using some 125gr JHP rounds..