New Marine Corps commercial

U.S Marine Corps commercial:

[ame=""]YouTube - U.S. Marine Corps commercial[/ame]

Norwegian Army commercial:

[ame=""]YouTube - The Norwegian Army Commercial[/ame]

No wonder recruitment is halting here in Norway.... Im gonna suggest Hans Zimmer compose the music for our next recruitment vid lol.
Man, the Marines always have the most bamf commercials!

They've been pretty decent over the past coulpe years. Definitely an improvement over that awful commercial with some guy slaying a dragon they had on a few years back.

This isn't a recruiting commercial but I like the Silent Drill Team videos on youtube, they're pretty bad ass.
[ame=""]YouTube - Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon[/ame]
By the way, this is an actual story. The Marine in the video joined the Marine Corps without being able to swim and ended up a Force Recon Marine.
That is really impressive

Yeah and this is the best part; when this video came out there was a lot of rascist allegations because the commercial stars a black Marine.

Here is the story of the Marine in the video:

Apparently this is not the recon guy I was thinking of but there was a Marine at 1st Force who used to take the indoc over and over again without knowing how to swim. He obviously failed but he kept on working on it until he passed. Eventually some guys took a shine to him and they started working with him in the pool until he passed not only the indoc but dive school as well.