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Stephan Wagner

Jul 8, 2011
Fallbrook, California
Hi, my name is Stephan. I served with the 160th SOAR 1st BN D Co. Night Stalkers Don't Quit. I left my Army career to get into the SEALs. I had a spot so I left my contract got signed off by my Command only to find out 2 years later the Navy didn't have a spot for a prior service combat veteran. So I applied to the border patrol and got a tentative selection letter recently so hopefully I can get back into a special operations field.
Welcome to the site, 2nd/160th a couple of years back.

I'm a little confused with regard to what we can do to help, and what kind of special ops does the Border Patrol have?
Yes I am looking at BORTAC. If anyone has any insight on it that would be awesome. Thank you all for the warm welcome I am looking for to reading the wealth of info on this site. Thanks!

Oh and I need all the help I can get in all regards. Haha.
Not open for further replies.