New way of helicopter extraction (GIGN)



Developed by the GIGN, the new harness for quick helicopter extraction called ESCAPE allows to recover and extract several people...


The GIGN (Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) is the French Gendarmerie's elite counter-terrorism and hostage rescue unit. It is composed of 110 men, including 11 officers.

The one thing, that those pics don't show is, the SPIN, that thing would create, when getting hoisted up.

Must be one hell of a ride....:bleh: :bleh:
Can't answer it for sure but I don't think so... It will be quit unrealistic for the team to secure the exctraction if the thing does spin in the air like crazy.
I'm guessing members could mitigate the spin (if there is any) by placing their legs in the relative wind and/ or shifting their weight.
Is that one guy carrying a .38 revolver (post 1) ?

Looks like it.

The one thing I want to know is, the guy next to him, in the blue balaclava, his MP5 (if that is one) looks a little "tricked" out. Just what has he got all over that thing?

Looks like he submitted it to the new MTV show..."PIMP my Gun.">:{
It was just as "tricked out" as what we currently use.

Really ??!!!

I thought that just seems to be an awful lot to have on one weapon like that. I can see having the optics system and the light, but what is that the the left of the barrel and, pardon my ignorance, but just where is the end of the barrel? Is that some sort of dust cover or protection over the end?
Talking about the .357... Each member is shot once a week with a .357 magnum while wearing his body armor.