Now that's motivation !

I run about 6 miles, trying to do it every day and yeah when you hit 'the wall' and you keep going even though everything tells you to just STOP. Thats victory :)
Goggins is a fuckin' animal. To accomplish what he did at Badwater with the limited ultrarunning experience he had was absolutely amazing. I have much respect for that guy.

I've done one 50k race and that was the closest I have ever come to crying due to physical pain. I couldn't image the suffering that would go into running 135 miles in 30 hours. Awesome.
Since we are on the subject of Navy SEAL athletes I thought I'd share this video of MCPO Paul Tharp (SEAL/Combatant swimmer)

I know Master Chief Tharp personally.

[ame=""]YouTube - Navy SEAL Tharp Trains in Ocean[/ame]
That's crazy. 150 miles a week?

I call myself a runner and I do about 30 miles a week. 150 - thats just nuts...

and 150 mile races?