On Status?

Olive Drab

Verified SOF
Verified SOF
Sep 15, 2006
This is kind of a weird question and when I met General Brown a few years back I didnt think it was time for trivial questions. Here goes...Is the 160th on jump status? Do certain personnel jump or no one jumps at all?
Some positions require you to be on status, others give you a maroon beret just for being in the unit. No wings required. It all depends on the job.
FARP guys are airborne qualified says "The Night Stalkers" book.

Being ABN qual'd is different than being on jump status. There are plenty of soldiers in the Army who have wings but aren't in units who are "on status". Being "on status" denotes that a given unit jumps either as a unit (ie: 82nd ABN DIV) or has slices (sections) who jump (ie:4th BCT of the 25th ID.)

There are also soldiers within units who are "on status" but they aren't ABN qual'd and as such don't jump. They are issued the Maroon beret as a Unit headgear, but dont have wings.

That should make it clear as mud...