PFC Jack Agnew; 101st, 506 PIR, HQ Company-Demolition WWII--Battle of the Bulge, etc

I love this quote.
"We weren't murderers or anything, we just didn't do everything we were supposed to do in some ways and did a whole lot more than they wanted us to do in other ways," he told the quarterly. "We were always in trouble."

RIP and Thank You for your service Mr. Agnew.

I don't write much, but this would be the place.

PFC Jack Agnew passed on the weekend. The name might not be recognized; the movie's based on his and his unit'ts escapaded may. He was a "founding' member of the "filthy 13" (about which the "Dirty Dozen" was written), trained E -Z company, jumped at least 3 times in WWII, became a pathfinder, set up the radio beacon to guide in supplies at Bastogne, etc, etc.

A good and noble man, who never talked openly about his escapades for the 6 years I knew him through our gun club.


I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mr. Agnew in 1994 at a 50th anniversary D-Day ceremony at Ft. Dix. I was the guest of another D-Day vet, Jim Blackstock. That is a story for another time, but I will say that both Blackstock and Agnew, as well as many other vets I met that day, were still tough as nails.