PJ commercial vid

Yep....those were PJs.

That one guy coming up on the hoist with the litter........not ONE single hair on his head moved from the rotor wash. >:{ >:{ >:{

Cool vid. ;)
I should have joined the Airforce when I had my chance, I got much love for you PJs.

Why doesn't Regiment have cool commercials like that? O wait we are too busy to make one we actually work and dont sit out on the tarmac catching a tan. Just kidding, I got mad respect for you guys! I am just jealous.
I think every Ranger says that after dealing with the Tacp's and their brand new toys. "Where'd you get that from" "oh this? The AF bought it for me" :D
ok...so we may sit on on the tarmac and get a tan, we get cool toys......i don't know where i'm going with this other than, yea ok, we're just spoiled bitches.

Rav, by the way bro, i slowed the video and caught one of my buddies name tapes in there...thanks! now i'll get to heckle the never ending shit out of him for being a superstar like GI Jane and shit.