PJw2B Intro - Yes, a other Pararescue Wannabe..

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Jul 21, 2010
Salem, OR
Hello all -

I am yet another PJ wannabe. I swore into the Air Force in March, but am waiting for an injury to heal before setting my ship date. I can easily do the PAST, but am always looking for advice and help on how to prepare for the pipeline. I am also always on the lookout for some good workout/swim routines, so send those my way! :)

I am going into the Air Force as an E-2, with 32 college credits.( How many credits will I get at BMT?)

I have always had such immense respect for men in the US military, and I decided early in my childhood that I would join them. Last year after some college and family stuff calmed down, I decided to make the commitment to join the military... But which branch? After some extensive research, I chose the Air Force - for many reasons. When I was researching what I wanted to do in the Air Force, I was looking for something in the medical field because I wanted to make a difference in the world, but I wanted to do something exciting, challenging, and I wanted something physical. I had no idea there would actually be something that had everything I wanted. It just seemed too good to be true when my recruiter told me about Pararescue. Problem was, my wife wasn't too excited about the idea.

So I kept Pararescue on the back burner. I molded my training around the PAST test and started to teach myself how to swim. This time last year, I could barely swim a length of the 20 yard pool at the YMCA without stopping to gasp for breath. Now, I can do 500m in about 9:40. It was scary, but I managed to conquer my biggest fear with hard work and dedication.

To keep this intro from getting much longer, my wife finally decided that Pararescue would be good for us. She is 110% supportive, and actually excited for the crazy lifestyle. I wouldn't be able to do it without her support.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any tips for me in my prep training, for completing indoc (and the rest of the pipeline), workout suggestions, or ANYTHING ELSE, please let me know!

Thanks, and im glad to be a part of this forum.

If you are not in the Air Force yet, please adjust your profile accordingly. First it says you swore in, then it says you are going into the Air Force. I am a little confused. Reserves are able to be sworn in as Airmen before completing training?


Edit - Good luck in achieving your goals.
First, welcome.

Second, until you've completed BMT, you'll need to remove "Air Force" from your profile.

Third, you'll need a new user name, something without PJ or that connotation in it. You can PM me with your new name and I'll change it.

Again, welcome.
Sorry if that is confusing. I signed my contract and am sworn in. The rest was just a brief history.

The contract I signed put me as Reserve (DEP) until my actual ship date. When I am shipped, I will be Active Duty - at least that is how it was explained to me.
I have been there, and actually am using some of the routines they've got on there. Some of the info seems out of date, though. What is the training schedule like at indoc? (maybe this should be a new thread?)
If you use the search function and input: "pj training" you will return 9 hits.
If you put in: pararescue training you will receive 40 hits

Initiative and self reliance (based on just a few conversations with a few PJ's) are required character traits to successfully complete the Pararescue Program. If, after doing your own research, you have germane interrogatories you could try asking the PJs on board here for clarification... Oh, should you get to Indoc, you might meet a couple of them as instructors.

Welcome, and, Aloha, for now.
Welcome to the site. You certainly seem to have a great deal of determination. Best wishes with your goal of becoming a PJ!
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