Possible IDF commando strikes in Iran


Sep 12, 2009
Katzrin, Israel
Report: Israel will attack Iran by land

If diplomatic efforts fail to halt Iran's nuclear program, Israel will attack the Islamic Republic, but not by air, as most expect, according to a report in a French magazine this week.

Le Canard Enchaine reported that Israel is preparing to launch ground operations against Iran's nuclear facilities, probably sometime early next year.

As evidence, the magazine pointed out that Israel recently purchased a large quantity of high-quality combat rations from a French provider and ordered that Israelis who serve in elite commando units return from vacations and from living abroad.

The report also claimed that during his recent visit to France, Israeli army chief Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi confirmed that Israel is not planning to bomb Iran, but suggested pinpoint ground incursions were a possibility.

Those incursions would presumably be aimed at sabotaging Iranian nuclear facilities.
Le Canard Enchaine is satirical much like The Onion, I'd be taking this with a liberal dose of salt.
I should amend that a little as it is also an investigative paper.


Practically every political and economic scandal of the past 30 years (and many before that) was originally broken by Le Canard. Each weekly issue includes priceless little nuggets such as off-the-record quotes by prominent politicians, behind-the-scenes dirt, that sort of thing. Le Canard describes itself as a “satirical weekly newspaper” ; every bit of news is reported in a very harsh mocking style, and the newspaper includes a section of political contrepèteries, a typically French form of graphic sexual pun.