Seems to be the pot calling the kettle black. Like all good deciet, it is sprinkled with enough truth to hold the audience.
Oh my God! News is a business?!!! :doh:

Fucking conspiracy idiots. I know for sure the Lynch thing wasn't timed as a way to cover up the fact we were bombing Iraq. That's just retarded. It was no secret we were bombing Al Jazeera. I remember that being all over the news too, not that I'm all broke up about Al Jazeera getting blown up. It's not like we were conducting a peace keeping op at the time. Everyone knew we were bombing Iraq.

And yes, we have PSYOP units. They take advantage of opportunities to further our cause with the local populace. Did they force anybody to tear down the Saddam statue? No. Do they purposefully influence US media sources? No.

Some retard at drill last month was trying to convince me a plane didn't really hit the pentagon on 9/11 (on the anniversary). I wanted to punch her in the face, but I figure it may effect my flight school slot...