Question on attaching to 20th SFG in a support role?

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Jan 24, 2008
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I spoke to a friend here at Shelby, and got an Intel dump. I got a good POC for his CSM. Just wondered what the likely hood of getting pulled off a MOS non specific mission (OIF) to get on a (OEF) SF support MOS non specific mission? I am back in the NG, and I am sure I would have to IST to another state. But can I even do that while on a MOB order? Just wondering if anyone has heard of it happening?
As an 11B? If not what role do you think you could fill in Support or would want to fill for that matter. I am not questioning you (well I am indirectly), but what are you bringing to the table other than being able to close with and kill the enemy. There are plenty of positions you could fill supporting the ODA's, but I am not sure you are going to be all too excited about some of them. Something to think about...

As for your question, I am sure if the unit you are MOB'd with is willing to terminate your orders and demob you it is possible to IST to MOB with another unit. However, there is something else you might want to think about... The unit going to OIF, you volunteered to MOB with, is counting on you now. You have an obligation to them.

I would be sure to have all my ducks in a row when you call the SF SGM.

Sorry I couldnt be more help.

Just going off what a friend said "20th will pick up 11B’s for MOS non specific support roles". As for the slot I enlisted into, well it’s now filled and I am told I am brigade wide MOS non specific (support of some kind I am sure) and that’s not what I signed up for. Issues on promotions (unit 1SG, CDR telling lies) and a lot of WTF. Just figured I would rather be a water boy for some who would appreciate the water and not lie to me…

Not calling the SGM yet, at least until I get some better info on how to go about doing it.
I've heard of 11B's with another MOS getting taken. I do know that 3/20's Mob in 2002 was...."interesting" in that people with an MOS (any MOS) that did NOT have a valid slot in Group were taken by the BN CDR (that asshole, but I digress). But that was 6 years ago, no idea if things are still that way.