Questions regarding the SOWT career field (2012)

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Apr 1, 2012
Long Beach, Ca
Hey guys, just wanting to get some up to date info on SOWT reason being: I'm currently in the DEP waiting for the job to become available and have been curious to certain job related specifics that have not been addressed here or elsewhere, recruiter included.

- what are SOWT primarily used for, more specifically, are these guys pulling the trigger as much as their army/navy/cct/pj/tacp counterparts?
I have heard from some on forums saying that SOWT mainly focuses on their primary skill sets and less trigger time.....I have also heard from a cct liason that SOWT are shooters just looking for accurate info and have no qualms with trigger time or not. An answer from someone that is SOWT currently or is really in the know would clear it up I'm sure.

- why does the PAST test for SOWT AFSC have lower standards than pj or cct?
Aren't SOWT and CCT going through very similar pipelines? Or are they trying to make it attractive to the nerd community? (no offense to any SOWT operators out there, I say that because I am a math/physics guy that has found the career field interesting and worth the last year training for and Im a nerd haha)

- will I be taking any advanced courses in mathematics/physics, such as advanced calculus for example?
cause if I'm in the DEP till sept or whenever I mine as well take more calculus while I'm waiting.

Thanks for your time.
Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

SOWT thread right below this one on this very site!

Those are the first 3 links I found when I google USAF SOWT.

As for your question regarding PAST standards. All the NSO/NSW fields have different standards for the run & swim. The push, sit, pull standards are the same. If you think "lower standards" equates into a "nerdier" pipeline, you might be mistaken. I don't know for sure though, I've never done it myself.
I hope this helps.

ETA: There's a member on this board who goes by the screen name SOWT , he may be able to help you out as well. I'm pretty sure he's a retired officer, so you might want to make sure you address him with the respect he's due for that and other reasons. ;)
Thanks for the response. I have thoroughly read all the links provided and still these are questions not addressed by the text. As for the nerd thing, I meant no disrespect and I did point that out and relates more to training specifics or some reasonable explanation as too why. I pm'd "SOWT" last week with the same questions and no response. The questions provided are purely in search of answers that can be used for me or guys out there like me that want to join the special tactics community.
Just my guess man, but if those were the questions you asked "SOWT"...I'm not surprised you received no response. Rethink your questions and leave out shit like "trigger time," and "nerd." And like the results Skrewz so kindly provided you with, use google.

Personally, if I recieve questions like yours, they get ignored. Research and the caliber of your questions will improve and you might begin receiving answers, insight and wisdom. Because at this moment, you sound like a guy who signed up for something he has no idea about.
Because at this moment, you sound like a guy who signed up for something he has no idea about.


To avoid further "electronshed" I'm going to kill this. probably won't understand today, but at some point in your pipeline the light will go on and this will make more sense. Your questions...they may seem important, but I'll be honest with you:

they aren't. They smack of someone who is in over their head.

Good luck.
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