Ranger Flag



Ok guys I finally got a graphic and permission to use it

I am planning on using this graphic:


Basically two versions will be produced, a car flag and a 3x5 flag, both Outdoor quality double sided. What is special is that we can also add your name, time of service, rank and unit to the bottom of the flag.

Second we are doing Vapor Apparel T-shirts with the graphic sublimation on the back and on the front left breast the Unit, date and name if you want. I'll try to get an example soon but they are high quality items.

Third we can probably do coffee mugs with the same thing: graphic, unit, date, name depending on interest.

On the above items I have to do a bulk order to get a good rate so I need to get a good deal. 3x5 flag $50 or under, Car Flag $15-20, T-shirt $30, mug $5-10.
EMAIL me at charlie175@msn.com if you are interested and let me know which items you want and if you are interested in the added personal info on the items. If you tell me you want an item I am holding you to it, I don't need to get burned with excess stock...

hang with me as I get examples done I will try to show them, I just need to know the interest there is.