Oct 13, 2010
Heart of Montana!
Hello to one and all!
Some of you may recognize me from around the corner at ArmyRanger.com.
I have been around quite a while really. For the past couple years I have been pretty quiet though.
I am the proud mother of two Warriors (one making a career and the other is now going into medical field)

Older son was with 1/503 2ID '03 to '06 did his tour of hell in Ramadi.
Younger son was 3/75 '03 to '06 then went to 1st ID MiTT Team '06 to '08 now currently 2ID Strykers out of Lewis and just re-upped and came up on Recruiter orders so we don't know the next stop yet.

I live in central Montana. I hunt,fish,hike camp, travel,shoot,cuss, and all that other stuff girls aren't supposed to enjoy!
I read alot and post little.
I come from a long military family history so am at home with the same people more than any other group.
Don't know what else to say so I will hush up now. Any questions feel free to ask!
Hi Rangermom, I will be hunting Elk and Mule Deer in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in 2 & half weeks, can't wait! God bless your family for their service!

Arrow 4
We had such a good summer this year (it's still going!) That the deer and elk are everywhere. I'll be getting all mine with no forseeable problems. Grain fed whitetails galore!
Ohhh, that's exactly what I want to hear. I really would love 170+ Muley as much as a big Bull Elk. I live in Arizona and it's a bit easier to kill a nice bull here than it is to even pull a decent Muley tag. I killed a black bear 4 weeks ago with my bow @ 12 yards!
Keep an eye out for the kitty cats. They are very active this year. Been shadowed by a few on our hikes. We were down near your hunting area last month saw a couple black bears just off the trails. Plenty of moose around as well. I will be looking for my elk up northwest area this year. We have friends in Thompson Falls area. Gonna hit the Hutterite colonies for the deer. Nice fat tasty ones!

Edit: BTW it is still above 70 degrees in the day and above 40 at night here in Great Falls!!
See my post on Arrow 4's intro. If you're gonna trade stories, take it to PM or start a new thread.