Verified Military
Jan 16, 2010
Ft Hood
As the title states, I'm re-introducing myself. It's been a while since I've been on the forum and I'm quite out of touch with the strings, so I'm starting from scratch :D. I'm a medic with 1st Cav Div out of Ft Hood Texas. We are currently deployed to Iraq since Sept '10 and are on track for a timely return. I used to be a police officer in Phx Az and joined the military for the experience and to get some extra credentials, training and, well, the experience only the military can offer.

Good friends with Pardus. He and I went to basic and AIT together and it was all downhill from there.

I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and have aspirations to get into MI as either a 35m or 35L if possible, but the in/outcalls for medics are restricting the re-class, so we'll see what happens. I hope to get into the civilian industry after the army in some form or another (high risk security/exec pro, etc)

anything else, feel free to ask!

welcome aboard (again)

About the Pardus thing...sssshhhh
haha, ya I can understand him. I had to take a few re-neducation classes to do it though. Pardus is the shit lol, my sister even wants to date him haha

oh ya, and thank you for the welcome-back, good to be back
haha, no, most people consider her pretty attractive, though I cant comment. That would be....just....weird
See now, that's the problem with your sis. He's not into anything but sheep. Or goats. He's one of them farmyard animal kinda lovers. It's ok. We keep him on here because we like to show how diverse we are.