Recon Marines Arrested Thread


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Feb 27, 2014
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These happened while the forum was shut down, but a fucked up thing that appears the community did not discuss much on.

What we know about the 2 former Marine special operators charged in a murder-for-hire plot

Pretty fucked up

Camp Pendleton recon Marine under federal investigation for stolen ammo and explosives

Jesus that’s a lot of ammo (hard to tell from article if he was actually in reconnaissance or an ammo tech but the investigation pulled up several Marines accused of stealing or trying to resell ammo/explosives.

And finally

A Recon Marine Claims Self-Defense After Strip Club Murder, Has One Last Chance to Prove Innocence

What Marine hasn’t been to a strip club and drank too much? Biggest difference is most haven’t murdered someone after leaving.
Unfortunately, in many of these instances, these people are simply criminals that happen to be veterans. There is no legitimate excuse for those crimes other than being a criminal. At least, IMO....
Everyone has been talking about that ammo stealing fuck up.

I don’t think Knospler murdered that guy. It’s not a great situation. They got in a fight at the strip club and knospler went to his car to sleep it off. The deceased followed him and punched his car window out to pull him out of the vehicle. Knospler shot him…and fled the scene, which I think led to his conviction.