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Aug 21, 2011
Greetings everyone,
My name is David, I got out as a Corporal in the USMC. I am currently in the I.R.R. , and due to being unemployed since March of 2010 which was the date my EAS/ Honorable Discharge, I am currently looking into routes back into any branch of service if I can get in inside of my old job category, MOS, !whatever!etc! as 7051 Crash Fire Rescue(which is a firefighter in the airwing, for those that do not know), although I am sure I would feel funky transferring from one branch to another. With that being said, I am sure that I would love going for SpecOps, as you are dealing with only people that want to be there in that job. I was incredibly surprised as to the amount of whiny baby complainers in the Marine Corps, and I can say with 100% honesty that I expected the military, rather the Marine Corps, to be something else, not of what I saw. I can honestly say that I never expected a 4 year Staff Sergeant from the band to have the ability to lat-move into another MOS and would be placed by default, by his rank, as a Section Leader in charge of up to 25 men, regardless of his maturity level and leadership skills. THAT makes me question the intelligence levels of the higher up's(staff and commissioned) and their leadership skills, that they would intentionally let a pilot's life potentially rest in a BOOT'S hands... there, I said it, LOL. I am probably one of the few people/Corporals to call a Staff Sergeant a fucking idiot to his face in front of the Crash Chief, SNCOIC, AND OIC and get an honorable discharge, no reprocussions, and props. LOL.
That is neither hear nor there, though. I am currently looking and considering available oppurtunities via the grand USMC's MARSOC and ARMY's Special Forces (which ironically, I was recommended to of the ARMY route by an 0311 USMC turned recruiter) . All productive and encouraging remarks AND dis-encouraging(is that a word?) remarks are welcome and encouraged, as long as they are intelligent and courteous and professional. Thanks for your time reading my intro, have a good one. SEMPER FI
Also extra *note*I believe SpecOps to be a calling, not just a job choice or OPTION, and it took me 7 months to consider pursuing it as a choice. IF anyone believes otherwise, I would greatly appreciate your input.
Welcome to the site and thank you for your service. Good luck with your plans.
Welcome aboard. You could try going to one of the reserve recon units while you are waiting to sort things out. Semper Fi
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