Report: Pentagon Needs Son-of-Osprey



Report: Pentagon Needs Son-of-Osprey

By Sharon Weinberger October 16, 2007 | 10:00:20 AM

Trying to get the military services to agree on how to airlift themselves around a battlefield has been all but impossible. Now a military advisory panel has weighed in with their recommendations: the Pentagon should develop a new hybrid aircraft.

"The best single fit for a tactical ground combat support aircraft is one that combines elements of both rotary- and fixed wing wing technology in a hybrid aircraft," the Defense Science Board report says.
Another tilt rotor aircraft like the controversial V-22 Osprey, only with an engine designed for heavy lift? Not likely, and the report does acknowledge that a "single aircraft designed for such purposes is likely to be very expensive."


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i swear, that if they make a cv-22 as effective as the AC 130, i'll shit your pants. i would love a platform that could drop me out, and cover me with the wrath of god.