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Aug 29, 2011
Salah Ad Din Province, Iraq
Hello and thank you to the Administrators. This appears to be a very legit community. I hope I can both gain and give some knowledge here. Here's my soapbox moment.

In short, I have about 11 years total Army experience, 9 years of active duty and almost two years in the USAR. I am a 35M3LN7S1 HUMINT Collector (MSO CAT II Qualified), Strategic Debriefer, Italian Linguist, and a 68WM6 Combat Medic/Licensed Practical Nurse. I'm currently in Iraq actively engaged in operations using my PMOS. I'm a SOC, DSDC, DLI Grad. I've been to several other HUMINT courses. I have an AA in Italian and an AAS in Intel Ops, Deployments/assignments: OIF-1 as an ICU Nurse/medic. Walter Reed for 3 years treating combat casualties, tour in Italy as a HUMINTer/Italian Linguist, and a little trip to Trinidad & Tobago. I'm currently deployed in Iraq. Trying to finish a BA in Intelligence Studies with a concentration on Counter-terrorism, but that's on hold until Mission Complete.

I've got some good experience and lots of training. But I have not maxed my potential. Something inside me always pushes me harder, drives me to do more. love of country, personal discontent, but more importantly getting the right mojo to the right people, so all our soldiers come home vertical. I've always wanted to learn from the best, work with the best, and to one day, thrive among the best. I'm looking to break into an SMU, I'm just twisted on where I would be best suited to excel. I'm interested in learning what others have to say prior to making my decision, so I don't waste anyone's time or money. Also, I'm up for SFC but debating WOCS. I hope that gives you enough insight.

Welcome to the site and thank you for your service. Good luck with your plans.
Welcome aboard
Police Medic: I wore that Crest (AMMED) once upon a time! Good times.

Manolito/S.F. Medic: I'll contact il Signor Italiano. It's funny, I might actually know him.

/////mod edit: I edited out the rest of this post. I know you meant it as a joke, but this is a very popular site, with a very large viewership, and others who read it might not understand you were kidding. This in turn would serve to reinforce negative stereotypes about our line of work, with the potential result of making our job even harder than it already is. Hit me up via private message if you want to discuss this further, otherwise, welcome to the site.

Not open for further replies.