"Revolutionary Guard" Raid Iraqi Target


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Aug 14, 2007
Iran claims 28+ Iraqi KIA, with 2 E&E still being hunted:


Iran says crossed border into Iraq to take out 'terrorists'

Published: 09.26.10, 21:45 / Israel News

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that it killed 30 fighters belonging to an organization the group claims was involved in a terrorist attack that took place during a military parade in the northwest of the country last week. Twelve women and children were killed in the said terrorist attack.

General Abdel Rasul Mahmoud Abdi said that his men killed "the terrorists" in an encounter "across the border" with Iraq. He also said that his forces are still searching for two suspects who managed to flee. (Dudi Cohen)
I'll make more comment when more comes out about it but it begs the questions of how Iran could just wander around Iraq looking for people.
I was thinking more of a big force roaming about. If they're killing 30 people in one whack, that's a lot of people they need to put on the ground.

I'm still going to wait for more info. Getting info on Iran from an Israeli source (and vice versa) is sometimes not the most terribly objective way to get info LOL.
The problems are:

1. You're a South Island hick!

2. All those reports seem to be emanating from the one source- the press release by the Pasadaran general. That a cross border raid would be announced by a general rather than by a higher government official (considering it's about a raid into another country) seems really strange to me. I feel a bit of doubt if it happened at all so we'll see what happens.
You feel its unusual that a totalitarian govt would have an expendable minion first announce an internationally controversial aggressive action?

Yeah..... seems totally out of order right??? :uhh: