Romania SOF CQB & H2H


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Aug 14, 2007
[ame=""]YouTube - Special Forces training - fighting[/ame]
I didn't actually see any of the video, I was too busy wondering WTF is up with that music.
Where can i download that song!?!?!

Easter Europe including Russia has always enjoyed showing this fancy coreographed kung fu shit to the rest of the world.

Im sure any real life SWAT officer in this forum can explain how difficult it is to neutralize an e.g. amphetamine drugged up suspect with their bare hands.

Well western forces and their hand to hand combat must suck real bad, just look at this video and see how easy its done :D
I don't know. As a whole I was unimpressed. I mean not once did any of those guys catapult off a trampoline to throw a tomahawk into a bullseye while upside down. In fact I don't recall seeing even one Dim Mak strike. Amateurish at best.
The song is freaking gay as gay gets… I don’t know about all those hip tosses and take downs, but the knife work looks good to go. I would love to get in to a no “BS” knife workshop or course. The dogs were freaking cool, jerking those dudes right of their cars. That was some funny shit, but the best part is when the dog handler gets bit by his own dog :doh: :D