Schimdt&Bender P4 VS P4 Fine


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Jun 13, 2011
New to SS and thought I would start a discussion on some reticle patterns that are fairly common within the community
Well... WTF? you didn't start a discussion just posted two sets of reticle patterns.... let us know where you are going with this.

Apoligize for the lack of detail. The choice of having either the P4 or P4 Fine reticle pattern is one the canadian sniper community is going to have to make fairly soon and I just wanted to hear everybodys take on whether they prefered the P4 or P4 Fine. I just came off the Optics trial for the CF sniper program and we used both, the majority of the shooters picked the P4 Fine as after 900m with the P4 3-12 or 5-25 variable power scope we were actually losing the man size tgts under the reticle and having to put an element of guess work into the shot. The ones that liked the P4 said that the P4 Fine had a tendency to get "washed out" or obscured in rural conditons with heavy vegatation and the crosshairs were not as defined as they would like them to be for mil/ranging. Any thoughts?
I have been running the P4F and like it for the simple fact at the intersection point it is finer and allows for more precise shots. Its ideal for shooting small targets IE zeroing on small dots. The P4 is a bit to thick for my liking.
I am not a S&B fan , but have used them extensively. If you DO NOT want to shoot over 1K then P4. If you want to shoot ranges that require elevations bigger than 13 Mrad (26MRad if you use AI 45 MOA base) then you will need the extra MILS.... so P4fine