SEAL nominated to be new CINCSOC


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Aug 14, 2006
I received this from the UDT-SEAL Association....

General Brown, CINCSOC, made the following announcement to his commanders this morning. We are honored to pass this information to you and offer our sincere congratulations to VADM Eric Olson (Class 76) who has set another first for Naval Special Warfare.

SOF Leaders - I am pleased to inform you that today at approximately 1300 hours the President will announce Adm Eric Olson has been nominated to be my relief. Eric embodies all that is SOF and has been a unifying force in the SOF community. He is a warrior who understands our operational missions and the needs of the men and women who carry them out. He also understands both indirect and direct actions and how they will contribute to winning the war on terror. He knows programs and can handle the title 10 issues with ease. He has been on the ground floor of the growth of SOCOM in resources and authorities. He is the right leader at the right time. Please join me in congratulating VADM Olson.

v/r Doug Brown
In the US its normal for a former operator to get this kind of a gig.
In Poland, on the other hand, you get selected to command a SOF unit but you have practicly no earlier exp. with SOF.
Special Ops nominee takes aim at terrorists
Admiral says his forces are focused on their mission

WASHINGTON — Navy Vice Adm. Eric Olson, nominated last week to lead the nation's Special Operations forces, said Thursday the U.S. Special Operations Command was not prepared to become the lead combat command for "planning and synchronizing" the war on terror after Sept. 11.
"Now we have our legs under us," said Olson, a Navy SEAL who won a Silver Star for his actions in Mogadishu in 1993. Olson said his forces are focused on capturing, killing and disrupting the "terrorists who wake up each day planning to do us harm."
Olson did not cite any specific missions, but did say that Osama bin Laden is likely hiding out in western Pakistan near the Afghan border. He said it was unclear how much day-to-day influence bin Laden has on al-Qaida operations.
The Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan, Olson said, puts that country in a precarious position.
"This is a long ways from being over," Olson told a group of Washington state business executives gathered by Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., chairman of the House Armed Services' Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities, which has jurisdiction over the Special Operations Command. "I don't know what the trend is. I think this is a key moment in determining Afghanistan's future."
Olson is currently the deputy commander of the Special Operations Command, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. His nomination must be confirmed by the Senate.
Olson attended the U.S. Naval Academy and qualified as naval special warfare officer in 1974. He is fluent in Arabic, has been stationed in Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and served with U.N. peacekeeping forces in Israel, Lebanon and Egypt.
Olson was among four Navy SEALs who received the Silver Star for their actions in Somalia, chronicled in the book and movie Black Hawk Down. Under fire from automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, they helped rescue and evacuate the wounded