SEAL Ryan Job

Pete S

May 20, 2008
Puget, WA
I served with his brother Aaron in the USMC, met Ryan a few times when he was at Coronado, and know his family.
A fellow Washingtonian.
His father was also a SEAL.

Ryan Job underwent an eight-hour surgery Monday to rebuild his face. The recovery seemed to be proceeding smoothly, his mother said, though her son reported some discomfort Wednesday night. A nurse checked on him at 3:30 a.m. Thursday. He was found unresponsive at 5 a.m. She said the hospital had not determined the cause of death.

Debbie Job said her daughter-in-law is pregnant with the couple's first child.

Send your prayers to his family.

RIP Ryan Job, I didn't know him, but if he was like the others I have know I am sure he was a warrior extraordinare.... Where do we get such men? His sacrifice will never be forgotten

To Ryan's family, friends and brother SEALs; Beannachd Dia dhuit (blessings of God be with you).

This is tough, but it is the SEAL Motto "the last easy day was yesterday" Go in peace Warrior!
Damn it !

Rest easy SEAL. Thank you for dedicated courage and your ultimate sacrifice to our great Nation. :(
He was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Always funny, no excuses. Loved America, his family, and the Teams. You know a man is a warrior when he climbs Mt. Rainier without one of his main senses. He was a prime example of what a wounded guy can do.

We'll miss you Ryan. You were an inspiration to all.