Second Guy From Sweden.


Feb 1, 2011
Hello Shadowspear'ers, Im a guy from sweden (Buddy of Hampy who introduced me here)
I curently do not have anny military training but when summer reaches our frozen country, im aiming to correkt that.

Like hampy i am a airsoft player, mil-simer and a collector and working towards expanding my knowlege around different county's special forces and regulare soldiers.

What ells can i put in an introduction?
Hmm, Blond, long haired, 165cm long, slim boddied(hell of a time finding a vest that suits me...)
Ohyea. and im married to my H&K USP .45 :p

If you have any questions feel free to ask, will awnser moste questions.

/sorry for anny spelling errors, my english is not the best and i curently do not have anny program to correkt spelling in english.
Thanks for the welcomes ^^
And my hair aint 165 cm long. my boddy (and head) reaches that height :p my hair is 50 cm long (shaving it the day before i join the swedish army thou :p)

Might want to shave it earlier and get your head used to the sunshine. That way, you don't have to deal with a sunburned head while training.


If there are any hot blonde Swedish babes planning on joining....please let us know!
That wuld be classefied information ;) but you do have 2 swedish blonds looking at this site atm ;)
Think i like this site alredy, wery much useful information!
Thank you all for the welcomes and the information sp has provided mi with this far!