New Guy From Sweden,


Feb 1, 2011
Sweden- Stockholm
Hi, i am a guy from Sweden, sadly non military personel but i will try to change that status :)

Resarching information & pictures about Grom and other stuff that might be intresting. Bear with me though i am an Airsoft palyer & collector (mostly beacuse the law is very restrictive against military looking rifles and so) , but i respect those rules you posted & i am familar with similar rules from

if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
I love Sweden! definitely my favorite country to visit.. although I felt like George Costanza next to all the locals
Damn guys, This is how ppl should feel when they are new on a board :) Btw, is it any problems to post gear pics & weapon configs to know what the real man on the ground thinks about it?
Hey welcome, we got a swedesh girl over here in Iowa this year through the exchange student program, along with two blondes from norway. I got one thing to say now, send more.