I recently downloaded the ebook provided by the SORB. Does anyone have any experience with it the routine? I would like to start it asap but don't have funds to buy the Ultimate Sandbag, as suggested. Would a issue duffel be just as good? Any advice is welcome.

Any metcon/strength program would be of benefit. I am a big fan of sandbag training but use it to supplement my program, not as a main lift or movement.

The sandbags available through are relatively inexpensive and very durable. I would suggest two of them, one filled to 60 lbs and the other 85 lbs of rubber mulch thats available at Lowes and I believe Home Depot.

A dufflebag could be used but there would be a lot of dead-space in it.


Thanks for the info. I looked into the sandbags at, gonna order some up next payday.

Any ideas on a less expensive version or alternative to the trx suspension system?

Also the ebook mentions a included dvd but I couldnt find where to get it. I searched the SORB sight and came up dry.
I know this is an old thread, but I am currently in the middle of this program now. I created my trx system which in my opinion is just as good as the 200$ system. If you go on youtube and search for Homemade TRX you will find several cheap versions that you can make at home. I made my own for 20$ and have been using it for about 1 month. So far so good. Hope this helps someone.