Seriously considering CCT


Soon to be USAF
Dec 13, 2008
Atlanta, Ga
Is anyone on the board Combat Control or TACP? I am VERY interested in becoming a Combat Controller and just wanted some experienced insight.

I currently train 5-6 days a week in mixed martial arts, workout 4 days a week, run at least 6miles 5 days a week and swim 3000meters 5 days a week..I need to start practicing rucking and study the history of the USAF and CCT's ..

Any kind of suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
I am not a CCT/PJ/STS member, nor a TACP...not in the military either..but at one time the thought of those jobs was of very high interest to me. That being said, I'm sure people more in the know than I am will chime in and help point you in the right direction...sounds like you putting PT time in for sure....while you wait for a more authoritative figure to help answer your questions....try these sites.... (not CCT or TACP but might be of interest) (CCT/PJ/SOWT and support information) (TACP)

Hope that helps some, if it isn't information you already have. Good luck in your journey.
Yep, had a bunch of guys in my unit who were (FAC - old designation) CCT guys! Great Choice!!!

Start running and doing crunches my friend! You need some good strength in your core muscle group to make it there!!

Sounds like you have the right mental state and are in great shape! Good luck!!!
yup sounds like your doing what you need to do to be ready and im sure this goes without saying but- do all the pushups that you can do, and then do some more...
i'm in the same boat as you are. i'm currently training my ass off for CCT. I really want to make it so i'm trying to push and push myself over the limit i have.
PJ here too. I agree with the above J- so now you got an experienced PJ and a pup (me) telling you the same thing. Get nasty and go do it. You dont need luck or divinity. Just pack your balls, thats all you will really need.

Good luck man.