SGM Billy Waugh

They used to fly covey back in the day, back seat of a suped up piper cub.
Yup. Covey and Nail (OV-10’s) were a gig for experienced Team Leads. Those guys were spoken highly of in every account I’ve read or heard, saving a lot teams.

I think Nail was out of Nakhon Phenom (sp?). John Meyer’s SOGcast is an amazing resource for MACV-SOG knowledge.

The Command Control guys were next level badasses. I know today’s SF soldiers would step up given the same environment, but damn…
An absolute legend passed away yesterday at the age of 93. If you don't know who he is, I'd do some reading.
Billy Waugh - Wikipedia

Blue Skies.
A legend. He came to every Q course class and gave talks and discussions to the students, and then separately for the officer classes. A servant of the nation to his last days.