Sig Sauer 1911


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Jan 16, 2010
Ft Hood
I posted a bit ago about 1911 options. Decided to go with the Sig Sauer. Ill try to post a link to the picture of the package I got.

all said and done, came out to 784 with taxes and shipping to an FFL near my house in Tx.
Very nice.

I'm a big fan of Sigs (first pistol I fired in the Military), ive only used the 226 though.

Why did you pick Sig for a 1911?
I wanted to replace the 1911 I had stolen from me. Didn't have to be the exact model; that one was a Para Hi-Cap. I loved it, never had a problem, held 14 rds, etc etc. I posted a while ago asking people's opinions about 1911 makers and what not. There were a lot of positive comments about a few different brands. Sig being one of them. I was originally gonna get a Kimber, but the model I wanted was over a grand. Found a few 1911 enthusiasts in my unit. Our Chaplain has several different brands. A couple of them said that their favorites thus far had been Sigs. The word was that they shoot extremely well, use excellent parts and are much cheaper than a Kimber, or Wilson, etc.

Found this package on sale and liked the price, the rest is history :D
oh definitely man. One of these days, if you find it in your heart, you should come visit in Tx :-P
I like the sig although I've never fired one.. Our SOF use them in various models. Would it right to say they are one of the best pistols on the market?