Slope Doping..............can anyone explain it.

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Since I'm not a trained sniper I've been wondering about "slope doping" and how it is ranged. I realize you have to hold low, but how low and how do you calculate it ? Is there a slope dope ranger ? written estimates ? etc ?

Any help would be appreciated, plus it's makes for info for later when someones needs to use the search button.

Thanks in advance.
Chad’s link is a good way to understand it.

In my own simple words, it’s the effect of gravity pull on the bullet. When firing up or down a angle, the adjustment made to compensate for bullet drop must have the effect of gravity and distance added.

Shooter is 500 yards from target; his position is on top of a hill. The target is at the bottom of the hill. He must have the angle of the hill calculated against the distance to the target, to get the exact adjustment for the compensation of the bullet drop.