Sock'em_Slav Intro: 18X


May 1, 2020
Hey guys, not sure how to do this so I'll just give a quick life story and how I stumbled upon the SOF community.

Back in 2013, I was an undergraduate architecture major with no real ambition or direction. All that changed when Russia invaded my family's home country of Ukraine. I have family and friends in-country, many of which volunteered to fight against the Russian aggressor. I was deeply affected and inspired to say the least. I started to get my act together and chose to pursue a more meaningful path in life. I wanted to find a job where I can help promote American values and fight back against our enemies while also helping out the little guys around the world. I enrolled in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University (basically an MBA for the Defense Industry), from which I will soon graduate. Then, while exploring various job opportunities, I discovered the Army Special Forces Green Berets, and the more I learned about their operators, their missions, and their ethos, the more I wanted to join their ranks.

I aspire to become an Army Green Beret because I find that many of their values directly align with mine: high-pace professionalism with an emphasis on preparation, their reverence for other cultures and traditions, and even their roles as teachers for our partner forces (I taught Ukrainian to first and third graders for three years and it has been my favorite job I have had to date.) I just think it's awesome Special Forces help empower the oppressed people of the world to fight for a better future.

I recognize that the process of becoming a Special Forces Operator involves a grueling selection process and one of the most difficult training pipelines the military has to offer. I am, however, hopeful and eternally grateful to platforms such as Shadowspear because they help average Joes like me to become a warrior elite. There is so much good info on this site and I will do my best to adhere to the rules of the forum. Cheers guys, and in the words of David Goggins, "Life's hard. Stay hard mother fucker!"

P.S. Sorry for the long post